All Change!

Change that the majority wants, happens organically. Change that the majority doesn’t want, needs to be managed.

I don’t remember much about a “change management” course I was sent on at LJMU but I do remember the statement. It’s fuzzy whether it’s my interpretation or whether the trainer actually said it. But over the years, it has been proved again and again to be true.

And we are seeing this to be true again, during the covid-19 shielding and lockdown.

For those who have embraced the change, who are managing and thriving it has given them a chance to try a new way of working that they would never have been able or allowed to by employers.

For those who are struggling with it, support is needed. Because nothing will be the same again. There is a new normal and will be a new normal.

So what’s changed for the better? Well online networking, for one. While there is something very special about meeting in person, the absolute that relationships built upon know like and trust can ONLY happen face to face crumbles as we meet on screen and build business relationships through video conferencing, phone calls and social media. Conversations held online are no less valuable in gauging whether we would like to do business with someone.

And working from our “home office”? Finding out the difference between working from home and being at home. Finding a new rhythm. Working when you work best and not when the office opening hours dictates that you work. Working effectively with technology. Producing great results working around the children/ cat/ the online shopping delivery (if you’re lucky!) Finally, perhaps finding a work / life balance!

That commute is one to be revered. From the kitchen (for that absolutely necessary first mug of coffee or tea) to the home office. No more queuing for the tunnel/ ferry/ bus/train/car park. No more scraping the ice from the car windscreen at silly o’clock in the morning. No more worries about the waste of time sitting in traffic. No worries about being late for the first meeting of the day because of the public transport delays. Will many of us want to go back to the old normal?

And of those who are furloughed or have been asked to leave their jobs? The self-employed business owners who have seen their customer base and their livelihood taken away. For them change is forced upon them. How can they embrace the change when their financial future is uncertain?

Change offers an opportunity here too, even though it is mind-numbingly difficult to think objectively when you are a short stop away from losing everything. For some self-employed, they will find a job. For some ex-employees it’s an opportunity to explore the world of self-employment; to follow their dreams and start their own business.

The world will change. We need to be ready to met that change and help others along the way who struggle to embrace it.

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