Video Chat with Zoom

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We are all using video chat a lot more these days. To talk with loved ones who we cannot go and visit. To chat with work colleagues. To chat with business associates.

But it’s not always easy to use tech the first time. And I’m hearing lots of people wondering what to do and how to access and use Zoom in these troubling times.

So here’s a quick pdf about what to do when someone says “Let me send you a Zoom link and let’s chat”.

Grab your free Guide here

A couple of quick tips:

1 Make sure you mute your microphone (bottom left of the screen) – unless you want everyone on the Zoom call to see and hear what’s going on.

2 If you can, turn off everything else on your laptop or phone so only Zoom is running. And again, if you can, make sure that only you are using the internet in your house. If you don’t you may find there is a delay in the video between when you or the others say something and you hearing it.

3 Be patient. When you open Zoom for the first time it takes a couple of minutes to download and open. Click on the links it offers you and then be patient. The program will load.

Zoom isn’t the only video conferencing software you can use. There’s also Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and Skype and Teams from Microsoft.

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