Goals are not just for Christmas…

…they’re for every day.

Do you sit down at Christmas and review the year gone by, and plan the next coming?

And then what do you do with those goals? Review them regularly? Or put them on the wall to see every day? Or put them in a drawer and think about them occasionally?

I was reading about A B & C-type goals.

A-type goals are dreams, visions, long-term goals you have no idea how you’re going to achieve.

B-type goals are medium-term goals. Ones you have a good idea how to achieve, but perhaps need help with. Help might be another person, learning a skill, paying for help.

C-type goals are short-term. They are achievable, and we know how, what, when and where we’re going to achieve them. Sometimes we set these when we’re afraid to admit to others – because there’s always a risk of failure with A and B goals. But not with C goals.

Sometimes A-type goals are too big and scary for us to really believe we can ever achieve. And so we don’t tell anyone about them, except perhaps in a whimsical, wishing for, someday, maybe, kind of a way. We don’t want to share our A goals, in case we never attain them, and we don’t want to look silly, do we? We also don’t share our A goals because they tell something about us.  My current A-type goal is to swim with sea turtles in Hawaii seas.  Right now, I don’t know how much this will cost, except that it’s a lot of £s. And right now I’m not sure how I’m going to afford it. But I still have a goal to swim with sea turtles.

B-type goals are probably what we set every Christmastime / early January.  Depending on how we set them,  they may represent steps on our way to our A goals.  B goals we’ll admit to. It’s OK to have a go at these, and OK to fail at them. Everyone sets these type of goals, right?  And when we set them, we may not know how we’re going to achieve them, like setting out on a journey without a map.

C-type goals are often what we’ll set when we’re asked to do goal-setting in public. They are achievable. They are often short-term – in that they’re to last a month or 2. We don’t invest a lot of heart into these, but we do spend a lot of energy into achieving them. These are the steps along the way to our B-type goals.

And if you need to see it with real data, how about this?

What’s really important, however, whether A, B or C type goals, is that you keep making them, and working towards them. Every step forwards, no matter how small, is still a step forwards. And like opening the best present ever at Christmas, there’s no feeling like it when you reach your goals, hit your targets.


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