The Social Hotel: Digital Marketing for Hotel teams

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The Social Hotel: Digital Marketing for Hotel teams

The Social Hotel is a proven social media marketing programme specifically for hotel managers or owners who have had a go at social media marketing but are not sure that it’s working for them.

We start with where you are now and move you closer towards your goals of independent social media marketing, which you are totally in control of, and which you know is bringing you the guests you want.

We sit alongside your team and blend our expertise with your knowledge and passion of your hotel, and your ideal guests. This is NOT a quick fix-it programme but for the hotel manager /owner who understands the value of empowering the whole team and doing things properly.

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Equip your team to reduce reliance on third-party Online Travel Agents
Are you paying OTAs large sums to fill rooms with unsuitable guests paying discounted rates?

Know that the time & money you are spending on social media is worth it
Do you worry that you are spending time and money trying to escape the control of the OTAs by using social media but don’t really know if it’s working?

Train your team to take back control of your revenue streams
Social Hotel delivers a structured programme of digital marketing training and mentoring for the whole team giving them the competence & confidence to take back control of your marketing and revenue streams.



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