About Rosie


My purpose in life is to discover potential and guide growth.

And I fulfil my purpose, right now, through digital skills coaching & training. And I love it!

Why? Because I transform ordinary fabulous women, like you, into 21st-century digital superstars. I lift other women up, I show them how to overcome the barriers holding them back, especially if they are techy barriers, and help them on their way to making a positive difference in their world.

And I’m on a mission! And a woman on a mission is a thing to behold!

I am on a mission to empower women (just like you) to think differently about what they can achieve, so that you can navigate the digital jungle with ease and develop a digital mindset.

Rosie’s Way

Rosie’s Way allows you to progress at your own pace. It’s a gentler, kinder, more understanding approach to enhancing your techy skills. It’s time to put an end to the misery of techy-based stress and allow me to inject some joie de vivre back into your working environment. I won’t rush you or blind you with technogabble or bombard you with instructions. Instead I will simply help and support you as you grapple with the tech we use and need every day in business and life.

You see, I know you want to feel competent AND confident with your tech so that you have all the tools at your fingertips to build and sustain the magic of a successful business or career.

And if all that sounds of interest, let’s talk.

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