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Your tech should propel you forward, not hold you back!

The digital world can be your greatest ally and biggest enemy. It depends on how well you and your tech interact. If your tech isn’t propelling you to great things, but instead holding you back as a barrier to success, and you want some help with it, you’re in the right place.

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Boost your Success

I know you are saying to yourself that you ought to be able to use this stuff, and everyone else appears to be in control, and you don’t feel in control at all and you have nowhere to turn to and are super frustrated and stuck.

And that’s where your digital coach can help.

Are you looking for

  • Effective Use of the right tech tools for the job?
  • Stress Reduction?
  • Bottom line benefits?


I know what it’s like running a businesss when you rely upon your tech and feel like it’s running you and not the other way around.

I know what it’s like to be in a senior position and not comfortable with the tech, especially if you have junior staff who appear to be more at home and in control than you are. I know how much that impacts on both your performance and your confidence.

Let’s cut the┬átechnogabble, develop your digital mindset and put you back in control.

I am The Thinking Woman’s Digital Coach and I help women take back control of their digital tech so they can build successful businesses and careers and be happy. Because, that ultimately is what life’s about, right?