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Our story

The woman behind the brand

I am Rosie Diver and I am a digital coach.

I help transform those who can’t and don’t, into those who can, and do!

My purpose, in everything I do, is to discover potential and guide growth and I do it my way.

‘Rosie’s Way ‘is a fresh approach to developing a digital mindset. It’s a way of empowering you and putting an end to the misery of tech-stress. I am a woman on a mission.

My mission is to empower women, just like you, to think differently about what you can achieve so you can navigate your way successfully through the tech jungle of the 21st Century.

I work with entrepreneurs to help you use tech to improve your situation in life, at home and at work. I firmly believe that the tech we use should enhance our lives and not frustrate us. I can help you right from the very start or work at an advanced level. My services are designed around the needs of my clients.

I help you reduce overwhelm and confusion with your tech and move your businesses forward. I show you how to use the right tools for the job, how to reduce the stress of tech-based misery, and offer the opportunity to save you time, and money and give you strategies for managing your tech so that you can continue to make a huge difference in your world.


Sometimes women thrive in a group setting, others just want to sit down quietly with a coffee and be shown things on a 1:1 basis. Either way, we have got you covered. All you have to do is ask…

1:1 VIP

A tailored approach to developing your skills, at your pace, without external distractions.


A social, group setting, taking time out of your business to learn and grow your skills.

Coaching & Mentoring

USE IT OR LOSE IT - Keeping you on track and accountable for the implementation of skills learned.

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Results you can expect

You are in the right place if you want to:

Reduce overwhelm and confusion with your tech and move your businesses forward

Know how to use the right tools for the job

Reduce the stress of tech-based misery

Save time, and money

Have tried-and-tested strategies for managing your tech so that you can continue to make a huge difference in your world.

What people say

"Knowledgeabe, thorough and calm - this is how I would describe Rosie's training technique. She makes formulas in Excel seem easy and effortless in a very short period of time. Her manner gives you the confidence to pick things up quickly & I would highly recommend her."
JFR - Excel Tranaing
"Rosie's perspective on how to use spreadsheets in our business was invaluable. We could have found out the how ourselves, but we would never have had the insight Rosie gave us. Rosie's training got us up and running within the hour. Her insights have had a longer lasting impact."
"For me, the most valuable part of the work Rosie does is that of the ongoing feedback & mentoring. Focused time with Rosie allows the team to reflect, learn and progress. Our social media channels have gone from strength to strength throughout this time. As our target audiences have been established and the content of our social media fine-tuned to reflect the needs & wants of our customers, we know our posts are effective and reaching the relevant target market. This is thanks to Rosie’s tuition and support"
HR - Social Media Training

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